Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Morning it is slow motion on getting more followers and comments but that is ok. I am not discouraged! I am watching Thundercats with my children...and this is fricking awesome! It was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. As a matter a fact I am comfortable admitting that I had a crush on Lion-o back in the day. If you went for the catty, muscular, battle-ninja type! So anyway, for those of you patient enough to keep reading with me...i am just trying to get back into the rhythm of writing again, finding my groove, my voice, my message. But for the time being, I think I am afraid to really put anything of substance out there. So i guess what you are experiencing with me is the birth of my voice. The battle of when and how I can bare my soul and the message I hope to share with the world.

I am a single mother...and I know a lot about that. But i wonder do i have anything of value to offer to those who find themselves in the same boat that i paddle daily. I am raising men...little blue eyed rascals that I hope can encompass all of my compassion, heart, intelligence, But with more courage, sense of self and confidence. I need them to understand that no matter what...they can do any and all things. I want them to have more character and conviction in that character than I do. My upbringing caused me to be adaptable. Now adaptability is good to have but I take it to an extreme...I am so adaptable that I never want to have a firm opinion on anything. I am wishy-washy almost. I proclaim it to be that I just don't judge others. But maybe it is more that I don't wish to exercise my mind and opinions because then that causes confrontation and being called to the table on things. And that is something I always want to avoid. So in essence...I am a coward. Yet I want to be a writer. So unless I write about nothing...I am going to have to find some courage, some kahunas if you order to stand by what I say, what I write and what I think. I am a grown ass is about time i start acting like one.

Thanks for reading.



  1. With all my theoretical reasoning and deduction running rampid in my head I am force to ask the hard questions. Do you believe in your opinion? If not I say don't waste time voicing it. And secondly are you ready to give a voice to something that's has been in a chasity belt, I mean it happens all the time when a virgin loses their virginity and turns into a stone-cold freak. Are you prepared to be a stone cold writer who may need to vlog also, a visual example that accompanies your written... You not only have to be a journalist but a reporter too and theatre has been a hit since Shakespeare. Just food for thought.

  2. I do believe in my opinion...when I have one. I am ready to be a cold stone freak for my voice, my dreams and my opinions. I can do this. And I know that you know I can...which is why you are challenging me. I can be visible or not...every present or in the background. I can do it all and I will! Thanks for the support. :-)



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